Glorious Wedding - Painted Hall, Greenwich, London

On Saturday 5th May, one van, four florists and over a hundred arrangements made their way up to London to take part in a wonderful wedding at the Painted Hall in Greenwich.

The preparation took place in the weeks running up to the wedding, preparing vases, pedestals and ordering flowers for the big day. The day before, the team at Graham Greener got to work arranging oasis blocks with foliage and flowers.

Once at the painted hall in Greenwich, the flowers were loaded off the van and into the magnificent hall, alongside the Thames in Greenwich.

Throughout the morning, the team worked in the hallways of the Painted Hall up in London to create the stunning amount of arrangements for the Bride and Grooms big day.

The reception hall was arranged with of vases of all sizes, full of roses and lilies and surrounded with gorgeous foliage.

The evening venue (downstairs in the Painted Hall, Greenwich) was decorated with mirrored vases hired from Graham Greener where the pink and purple flowers flowed seamlessly from the dinner hall. The Graham Greener team were of course there arranging the flowers throughout the Painted Hall for the duration of the Wedding.

One very long but enjoyable day later the wedding was over, but not without a lot of champagne (for the guests of course) and fireworks. The team really enjoyed working in London and the Painted Hall was definitely a Wedding Venue of dreams.

All the best to the happy couple from all the team at Graham Greener.